Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Practice tonight

It's rained a bit since the weekend and tonight was the first chance to get out and have a practice. Went on my own with a 6 balls and a stump and a car mat looking to spin the ball hard and change my wrist position around just to see how it worked. The other thing I was looking at was my run-up and the questions around longer, normal or Terry Jenner style approach the crease.

My preferred method is the Terry Jenner method, just a couple of steps and then the action through the crease. I tried all 3 ways and all of them were okay, the Jenner method is the one where I have more control over the ball -whether it spins more or less and accuracy. I'm playing this weekend so if I get a chance I'll try my usual approach and see how I get on, but at the moment I can see another match coming up and I'll still be unsure of my approach to the crease.