Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday practice...

Mowed the paddock as usual with Joe and then had a bit of a bowl. Yesterday our wicket keeper said he thought that my faster run-up was far more affective. My run-up was terrible yesterday, never once felt right and was so bad I was called for an over the line No-ball. I don't think I've ever had that happen before!

So today I've bowled two sessions, both of them in excess of an hour and during both of them I've been working on a much faster run up more akin to the method I used a couple of years ago (See video above). It may be an even faster version of this?

It went okay, the ball because of the speed doesn't turn that much, and it needs some work on it to get it up to the accuracy I was getting here, but with a week to go before the next match, if I put the hours it might be possible?

That aside I bowled normally and that also went very well. A bit knackered today, but I have been busy, a lot of bowling and also a cycle ride with Joe for some overall fitness that included some big hills.

We also went over the Rec and found a cricket game under way and it was a team that I've played with before when they were a bloke short. They play Sunday friendly 40 over matches and Joe and I had a chat with them and gave them our contact details and said if they were short on a Sunday we might be able to help them out. They also said that they train on Thursday nights, so once my teaching commitments finish on Thursday's I might go over there and have a look. Actually I've got a week off next week I may give that a go next Thursday.