Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday practice and training drills.

Again another practice over at the paddock. A bit of light bowling using 6 balls, just grooving the variations. Started off with the top spinner, just looking for a quality ball to start off with. I often bowl a loose ball when I bowl leg breaks, so I'm always looking to eliminate that first loose ball and possibly give the batsman something to think about from the first ball. If I could get the first ball to be straight, on a difficult length with loads of bounce I'd be very happy. Currently the way things are going it might be possible to show the googly early on with a decent bit of turn? It might be that with a little more practice and then adopting the Shane Warne moving around the crease in the first over approach, I might be able to produce 2 balls that are spot on line and length attacking the stumps and then the 3rd ball continue over the stumps, but go wide and bring out the Googly? Then bring in the leg break over the wicket and finish off with two round the wicket leg breaks getting increasingly wide on the crease? Maybe something to practice with?

I was intending on getting a pen and paper and writing the results down to see if I am improving, but I've yet to do that.

Joe joined me and we practiced for about 1/2 and hour and then went on to fitness and agility drills.

2 man drill - You need a few balls for this and smooth outfield).

1. One bloke stands over the stumps as the feeder. The 'Runner' stands with him. The feeder throws the ball into the air - 1/2 way down the wicket. The Runner has to accelerate from a standing position and catch the ball. On catching the ball he then quickly throws down the stumps. On releasing the ball the Runner has to run to the other end of the wicket as fast as he can and run round the stumps. As he returns, the Feeder then rolls a ball down the wicket and the 'Runner' has to intercept the ball and throw down the stumps again. The runner sprints to the feeders end and repeats x 3.

2. Swap roles and repeat.

3. Then once both have done this - repeat again but only 2 reps. The recovery time is reduced.

4. Once both have done two reps, do the same dill alternating each other until knackered.

I think we gave up after doing 2 singles each once we got into the singles.

Close catching - Standing legs apart and flexed 12' distance approx. Throwing the ball to each other at different speeds and zones, high, low, left right etc.

Quick reaction - With your back turned to the feeder, the feeder says "Ball" and throws the ball into a catchable area behind the catcher. On hearing "Ball" the catcher has to turn, look, locate and catch the ball before it hits the ground. (Common sense and H&S has to be applied doing this).

Slip catches - We've got a big rubber mat that we use to rotate on when we practice to save the wicket from wearing away...
Two people stand either side of the mat and throw the ball onto the mat back and forth to each other. The surface of the mat creates an irregular bounce and it's really good fun trying to intercept the ball and catch it. It's kind of like a Katchet but doubles up as a protective surface for bowling on. Having looked at the video here and seen how they do it in the video and with the use of the bat that's given me more ideas for increasing the intensity.

Joe's got loads of cricket coming up soon with two matches in one day this coming Monday  - one with his school and then a club match for the U15's, he'll have to let the school down as they over-lap which is a real shame as they may have to cancel the school game and that's tragic as cricket is slowly declining in most schools and yet the teachers do try and get games together. Normally Joe would be up for it.