Saturday, June 06, 2015

Just back from the Hospital

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Played today, bowled 6 or 7 overs, but right from the start something felt wrong. It felt as though my spikes weren't fitting well, as though the ankle support bit that runs up the back of the heel for some reason was too high and it was sticking into my Achilles. It just felt sore, but was definitely niggling and making it so that I didn't feel at all relaxed. Coupled with that I was bowling in a situation where I had to bowl tight and take wickets, so the pressure was on. I bowled rubbish a lot of the time, but put it down to the pressure rather than the shoe problem. 

I the end, the game finished and I walked back to the hut increasingly aware of the soreness of my Achilles and as I walked back it dawned on me that I might have done something to it. About 12 years ago I tore it and ended up in a boot for almost a year...

I then started to realise that, this may have been the last game of the season because as I stopped moving around it became increasingly apparent that it was the Achilles tendon. By the time I got in it looked and felt swollen so I got it into a bucket of freezing water and ice and soaked it there for about 15 minutes. This didn't have a lot of impact and I realised that if this was in fact a tear I needed to go to the hospital and this was confirmed by the info on NHS direct

Michelle my wife took me over there and left me there as they all had a party to go to with instructions to ring them if I got out quick. It was three hours before they saw me and the bloke did the Simmonds test and thankfully the diagnosis was for a sprain rather than a tear. 

So I've got crutches and instructions to keep off it for 3-4 days and get it up in the air as much as I can. I asked about ice baths and the bloke said 'Yeah as much as you can'. So I'll be on that 2 -3 times a day as I want to get back in action asap.

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