Thursday, June 04, 2015

Practice tonight

Had a good practice session tonight, good length and line - hitting single stump easily pitching it legside of it and turning the ball back onto it. The flipper was working well as well as my Googly. The Flipper if I bowl it in a weird cocked position - much like my wrong - wrongun from a few years ago, it doesn't break like a leg break it produces off-spin with back-spin, so skids really low, but probably looks no different to my leg break. In addition of the three Flipper variations I bowl it is the most consistent and accurate, so a little more work with it and I may be able to bring it out in the games?

My only slight worry is a niggle in my knee it took a knock from a ball a couple of weeks ago and hasn't felt quite right since. But I reckon it'll be okay for Saturday.

The team for Saturday is very different this week at the moment, two kids that don't normally play in it - Sam and Abdul, they both bowl and bat a bit. Good to see Stuart Munday back in the 4's. We struggled last year against this team, they had a bloke that bowled at one end for the entire game and he took 8 wickets or something! He had a zig zag long run-up and then bowled dead straight at a spin bowlers pace, but on an apparently difficult length. No-one could get him away and they just all lost their wickets trying to smack the ball as I recall cos it just looked as though it was easy to play, but every ball was a 'You miss I win' ball.

Joe's not been picked, but there's a chance that he'll get a chance, usually someone doesn't show and if they don't he may get in. Older son Ben finishes his exams soon, so in a couple of weekends he may be back in the team? He's currently working on his fitness, but he looks a lot stronger and bulkier than last year and he's only just started, so if it comes together he should bowl well. I reckon that in the longer term Joe's a very good prospect. He's taller than Ben and yet he's only 13, people say that he's got a classical bowling style and he bowls exceptionally well. A couple of nights ago he went for 5 runs off of 4 overs, with 3 maidens including a wicket maiden. By my reckoning he's a better bowler than Ben when Ben was 13. One of the reasons for this is that he's actually interested in bowling and developing his bowling unlike Ben who Just Bowled. Joe was saying tonight that he was aware of the fact that when he was bowling he was doing the Ian Pont thing... "4 tents pegs" 
Joe tries off and leg cutters, dragging the fingers down the back trying to get it to swing, he changes the pace and recently was trying out of the back of the hand slow balls. All of which indicate a completely different attitude to his bowling in comparison to Ben. Ben's just fast and brutal, Joe is more tactical, but his speed will come as he grows and gets stronger, he may end up being fast brutal and clever?

Watching sky last night I was pleased to see that Adil Rashid is in the one day team for England in this series against the Kiwi's. Hopefully we'll get to see him bowl and he's successful and cements a regular slot in the one day side. He's doing exceptionally well recently for Yorkshire as you can see in this screen grab.