Saturday, March 05, 2016

2nd Net session

2nd pre season net session tonight and in attendance were some of the 4th XI bats who hadn't seen the new approach to batting, but had heard about it and were looking forward to seeing it. I batted first to face the freshest bowling and did okay, lost out to younger son at the end having batted 20 minutes or so, he got me three times through the gate in the last few minutes. The verdict from the others in the 4th XI... significant improvement.


What happened?–bowled leg breaks primarily, tried a couple of variations…Top-Spinner and Flipper. Bowled in a group of 6, so was unable to get any rhythm.

How did I feel? -  Okay, fitness is good, so I didn’t get knackered or anything, bowled a good line and length generally and it improved as I went along. But not happy about the new run-up, It was probably okay up about the point of FFC and then it goes a bit haywire so probably needs some work?

What was good/Bad? – My line and length looked good for most of the night and I think that was borne out by the way the last bloke who batted played me. Apparently he’s an ex 2nd XI captain – he looked like the real deal I didn’t bowl him at all and he played all the good balls with caution and the poor balls he put away.

Bad was my bowling against Joe, he was coming right down the wicket sometimes as far as a third of the way and smacking the ball for 4’s and 6’s. I didn’t have much in the way of answers and it took a while to figure out what to do.

Analysis – I definitely need to work on the bowling action, because I’m no longer following through with any real vigour and it feels as though when I make the conscious decision to go up onto the toes to get more spin I almost stop. I think the whole thing can be rectified by more ‘Non Ball’ practice just working with the bowling action, but the main issue at the moment is where to practice?

Conclusion- I definitely need to work on some form of repetitive approach to the bowling action otherwise I’m going to start the season without a bowling action I’ll be happy with. Upper body strength at the minute is progressing well, as is overall stamina, but leg strength seems to need some work and stamina needs to improve.

Action Plan ­– continue with the current fitness regime 40-50 press ups per day. 4-5 minutes of planks. Start do some leg work in some way and general fitness/stamina as my recovery rate after exerting myself is slow at the minute.

At Joes training this week which was the penultimate session they played indoor cricket using a training ball. Looked like fun to me, a lot of the kids struggled to get used to the lighter ball including Joe. Initially he was bowling cross seamed to eliminate the swing, but then later one of the trainer suggested that he bowled seam up and use the seam. Joe got it right straight away, I’m not sure if the bloke said aim at his leg stump and it’ll go through just outside off, but that’s what he did for his last 3 balls and it worked a treat. The non-bowlers bowled the best, not sure why but they did by some margin as far as I could see. Peter Philpott would not have been happy, our spinner Mo, instead of working out the problems, resorted to bowling non-spinners, looked like he just bowled dibbly dobbly? I also noticed that the squad has about 4-5 left arm spinners, two orthodox finger spinners and possibly 3 Chinamen wrist-spinners. On top of that there’s at least 2 conventional wrist-spinners and one finger-spinner. I think some of them though - their main role is batting as they looked a bit rusty. If it’s not they need to get the hours in practicing!