Saturday, March 19, 2016

Fixtures for 2016 4th XI

I've been waiting for this for weeks! All the other squads had their fixtures posted up weeks ago. I'm not 100% sure how it all works, I've had a look around the Shepard Neame website to make sense of it, but couldn't, but after two traumatic years of being in a higher league and playing teams that were far better than us we've eventually been demoted to a league where we should win a few games. The only downside is that for some reason they've reduced the length of the games and we now play 40 over timed matches. The reason given was that it might appeal to the younger players!!! Can't see how that works myself. Anyway that aside it is what it is, and just means anyone that bowls now needs to bowl even better in order to stay on otherwise you're going to be given a cursory 4 or 5 overs if you're lucky. I did think about looking around for teams that play a proper game (50 overs) and considered what was Grays, but they're in the same league. I'll have to see how it goes and maybe see if they have a Sunday team that plays 50 overs? Or consider heading north for a team that's in the Brentwood area? Who knows it might be okay or they might go back to proper cricket next year?

My old team, what was Grays and Chadwell, that then became 'Thurrock' have now amalgamated with Orsett and have now become "Orsett and Thurrock" and we get to play against them, I'm hoping that there'll be some familiar faces still in the team and that'll be good to play against them. Looking at the fixtures here, it look as though I'll get to play in both those games and they'll not be when we're away on holiday.

There's some venues here as well, that I've never played on, so more opportunities to shoot pavailions and also start compiling a list of 'Spinning wickets' which I did start last year and didn't get to finish. So all in all despite the move towards shorter formats of the game which will be tragic if it continues I'm looking forward to a good year which will hopefully see more wicket because of the new action and some runs for the team. I can't wait.