Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wrist spinning - back on track. Working with repeatable and consistent action.

Saturday 16th April - a few days later and a far better outcome.

What happened - Having posted up the last entry without any video - just a depressing account of what happened, Tony M off of contacted me directly with some guidance and made the point that despite the fact that it was a poor session I'd finished up with an observation that at the end I'd relaxed a little and it started to look a little better. So today I went back again with the idea that I should be more relaxed.

How do I feel? - A lot more positive than I did 3 or so days ago. I always go through these dips in ability and confidence, they are usually temporary.

Good & Bad (Evaluation) - The good stuff included the ball was turning. In 15 balls only one went just down leg, a lot of them were on a very good length, the speed looked promising and the action itself felt a lot better. Bad - looking at the video my front leg is collapsing at FFC and I'm not pivoting very much.

Analysis  - Overall a far better session, but it did take some time to get it going. There's a number of contributory factors. (1). The weather here is pretty bad and I've not been able to get out and about as much as I would like to have, so I haven't been able to put the hours in. Coupled with that, this I think means I'm probably not as fit as I would like to be at this point. (2). I don't like bowling on this surface, it tears your shoes to shreds and affects the way you pivot and I may subconsciously be holding back on the pivot?

Looking at the video there's a few things I notice...

(a). The bound looks a bit limp, but I'm not overly concerned with that and it may become more dynamic as my fitness improves?

(b). My front leg collapses - again I put this down to fitness issues.

(c). I don't get up on the toes and pivot. Despite this the ball turns okay. With the pivot I know from previous experience the ball will turn even more and may even drift a little?

I feel that these are all things I can work on over the coming days. The first league match isn't till May 7th so there's some time yet and I'm hoping there will be an improvement in the weather enabling me to practice more and build more strength and stamina.

One of the other things I was worried about was the delivery stride, but that looks as though it's not too bad, again I reckon given more practice and the increase in fitness that'll come good. The key factor that enabled this turn around in fortunes was the relax aspect to the session. Tony suggested that I either listen to music or even sing or something when I bowl and this struck a chord, because I know some of my best bowling performances have happened when I'm humming tunes which is a bit weird, but works!

Conclusion - Overall I'm happy with the situation with still 3 weeks to go to the first league game. I've got a week to go till the first of two friendlies, but I may not even get to bowl in those as they're 3rd XI games

I have to conclude that things are not quite where I wanted them to be, but today marked a promising turn around.

Action Plan  - Bowl tomorrow hopefully over at Mopsies with our wicket keeper Jamie Britton. Try and get the foot landing side-on and the arm up high in the gather looking down the outside of the leading arm as this seems to help with getting into position.

More lower body exercises, walk and run more, sumo's and squats. Also do Achilles physio exercises as a precautionary tactic. See below for today’s video footage.

Double Click on the image to load the video