Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mid week nets

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Things are very different this year, my wife Michelle's work pattern has changed, so time in the evening is now reduced with regards practicing. The paddock across the road from my house has been ruined e.g. they've taken down the fencing meaning we can't bowl in there any more unless we take our own nets and put it up which is aggro and time consuming, so that's no longer an option at the moment. I did go in there at the weekend or two ago and cut the grass at the batting end to see if it was usable, it didn't look promising.

Over the following week I went in there and had a look and last weekend I cut it again and had a bowl in there on Sunday which went really well. In addition I had a look at the tree behind what would be the batting end and figured out that I could hang the nets from the trees with relative ease, making the whole process relatively easy and that's what I did.

Over the week in between the rain I've been able to get in there and have a bowl a few times and it's gone relatively well. Last week I also went down to the club (Mopsies) and had a bowl against some of the 1st and 2nd XI batsmen and did okay.

So, whereas normally I spend hours practicing a week that's been reduced to almost nothing which will no doubt have an effect on my fitness. At the moment I'm okay with it as I've still got this twist injury around my knee, so I'm taking it easy hoping it'll get better quickly.

We got over there late… 7.30 as that’s when we’d finished our dinner and there were a few 1st and 2nd XI players. The main nets have definitely been condemned and the only nets facility was a short stubby one that you drag onto the square (All weather wicket) which at the moment has no wheels on it. So the handful of us that were there (6 blokes) had a bowl and a bat. I bowled okay and again came off of the 2 step Terry Jenner approach. I was hoping to work with the lower arm to see what it might bring to the action, but it soon became apparent that it needs some intensive work on my own. Other than that the Googly was good and so too was the Top-Spinner. Wickets would have come via catches from mis-hits and one stumping. So overall it was okay.
Injury-wise, I bowled one ball off of the full run-up and it was okay. The stress on the leg came later when I batted. Moving backwards and forwards in the crease in response to the ball, put far more pressure on the leg/knee than running in off of 5 steps and bowling. Having said that, nothing gave and there was no after pain or soreness, just a sense of something wasn’t as good as it should have been when batting. So on Saturday when I play I’ll probably bowl off of a walk-n in still to continue resting the knee.
Devastatingly though, here in a practice situation I batted okay – so much better than in the two games so far. What’s that about?

Despite the fact I’m hardly practicing, I’m bowling quite well which might be a case of when I do practice I’m over-thinking things and trying too hard or something, because the lack of practice at the minute doesn’t seem to be having any really adverse impact?