Tuesday, May 30, 2017

4th XI batsmen of South Essex District and how to get them out

Another game at the weekend and another couple of blokes that I bowled at and made some observations of. One of them Paul Howlett - Orsett & Thurrock CC is a strong player, but I've come up with a plan for next time, so if you're a local spinner in the SECDB area have a look at my analysis on my main website - click on the picture below for the link...


Sunday, May 14, 2017

4th XI batsmen of South Essex District Cricket Board region - database for Spin Bowlers

Horndon on the Hill Batsmen

Lee Kooyman – Primarily their opener. Experienced player been around since 1999, played for Orsett previously. At the time of writing had played 141 games and had 2249 runs to his name and an average of 24.18. His high score is 90 and has accrued 11 x 50’s. Aggressive player with 49 fours recorded.
Dismissals - 9% bowled, 60% caught, LBW 6%, Stumped 1%, Run-out 5% and 16% Not outs.

His weakness looking at this is that he is primarily dismissed being caught, this might be in part down to the fact that he looks to be aggressive with a lot of 50's to his credit. Looks as though he may be a solid player against spin and isn't easily drawn out of his wicket for a stumping?
Keith Hawkes
Another one of those players that they spread around the teams, sometimes plays 2nd XI, so is obviously considered a half decent player. But in comparison to Kooyman nowhere near the same calibre. Hawkes has played 40 games and accrued 550 runs. Has only ever scored 50 runs twice and has an average of 16.67. The records indicate that he's a more cautious player as he has never hit a 6 and has only ever hit 1 four in his career which spans only 4 seasons.
Dismissals - 16% bowled, 66% caught, LBW 5%, Stumped 2% and 8% not outs.


4th XI batsmen of South Essex SEDCB region

A new feature on my website. Over the coming years for as long as I continue to play I'm going to record as many of the batsmen that I face in matches. I aim to analyse their strengths and weaknesses so that next time I, or any other bowlers face them we might be able to put together a plan to get them out check out the 1st two candidates Geoff Davison and Jon Newnham of Hadleigh and Thundersley 4th XI

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I'm still in the midst of figuring out how I'm going to do this, In the meantime as this page seems to getting loads of traffic I'll put links in below to some of the others I've written plans for...

Wickets that turn - South Essex

Wickets that turn - South Essex - Spin bowling

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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Basildon and Pitsea v Chelmsford pre-season friendly

Another pre-season game made up of players from different teams - 2nd, 3rd and 4th XI players.

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Joe Thompson opening bowler Basildon and Pitsea 4th XI