Saturday, November 29, 2014

Phil Hughes - Putyourbatout and putoutyourbats on twitter

Rest in peace Phil Hughes.

We've put out some of our bats in memory of Phil Hughes who was killed accidentally whilst batting in a Sheffield shield match in Australia.

Death is a hazard faced with immense courage by many every day of their lives. But this is cricket, a game. We don’t expect this. The game offers the strongest of physical and mental challenges, and the very real prospect of injury. It tests character. Fingers get mangled, arms broken, faces rearranged, ribs cracked and, despite the protection offered nowadays, skulls too on occasions. Five and a half ounces of solid cork and leather sent down at 90mph and more on occasion over a distance of no more than 60 feet, is a dangerous prospect. Yet until now, despite the intensity of competition that has always existed, and some close shaves, no one playing at this level has actually been killed as a result of a blow from a cricket ball. Perhaps, looking back, that in itself is a miracle. (Mike Selvey - The Guardian - see link above).

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This years field when bowling well

Someone on the Big Cricket forum requested "Talk us through an over". So I posted up my approach to bowling my opening over at the end of the season when I feel quite confident and added the field.

See here

The field was this one...