Saturday, August 13, 2011

Old bloke

It's a bummer this cricket lark, on top of the fact that I'm a learner Wrist Spinner now reaching the sixth year of my apprenticeship, which means on the days when you bowl bad you bowl what is seen as being wholly unacceptable and from what other people tell me on forums means you don't get picked for matches, I have the added issue of being old, so it's no surprise that so far this year I've only played 3 games, which is kind of disappointing. There's the other cricket factors which I'm sure other players will know about but I wont go into them and as far as I'm concerned that is just the way cricket and most competitive sports are. If you want to be in the team you have to be mates with the people that are the core members of the team or you're there on merit or if you're young you may be nurtured and brought into the club as you're the life-blood of the club, but old geezers like me, we haven't got a dogs hope unless there is a Sunday friendly side and it seems that Basildon no longer have a Sunday side, so I'm not getting many games.

So, what to do? It almost seems pointless to carry on bowling if I'm never going to get a game, especially when on the odd ocassion you do get a game and you end up bowling like a fool and get taken off after three overs. Nah, I can't give up - I've come so far and I've nearly cracked it and it consumes me and there is a chance that maybe I'll come across a team that will have an old git or a team that has a regular Sunday side, or better still, I do crack it and maybe I'll get a game on merit?