Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Paddock boys come good!

The Paddock boys come good.
Lads that I've introduced to cricket including my own son Ben have won awards this year in three of the 'Best' catergories at the annual awards event at our club. I had a feeling last week as you may have read -  that it was going to be a close call between Ben (In white) and his best mate Kieran (In green) with regards to 'Under 13's bowler of the year'. The other lad Harry 'Bat' Hodgson is more Joe's mate and he's in the under 11's. Because Joe's out of action this year I've not had any idea as to how Harry's been getting on, but he's got the potential to be a really good all round cricketer and what I like about him and so too the coaches - is that he is an exceptionally good and enthusiastic fielder, chases the ball down and is an all-round athlete...fast, energetic and agile.  

What a brilliant day! Basildon and Pitsea CC Funday looked doomed to a typically British rained off bank holiday weekend, but the cricket Gods must have looked down and thought "We'll keep that bit in the corner dry". The rest of the country had rain and showers and we had fine weather with the sun making a frequent appearance. It was predicted a washout for most of the week leading up to Monday and then as the data firmed up on Saturday there looked to be an element of certainty. I was hopeful though - the weather pattern was one of those that looked as though it might just skim us and that's exactly what happened, leaving us with a warm, cloudy bright day with longish periods of sunshine.