Saturday, April 13, 2013

Joes progress

Joes Progress.

Joe's back to some of his normal ways at last. The anniversary of the accident was a few days ago on the 6th. With the weather recently being so bad we haven't been able to get out and about as much I'd like to have over this Easter break. We spent a few days up north in Derbyshire coming away from the freezing South East of the country and was pleasently suprised at how warm it was, spending much of one of the days sitting around outside and mucking about in the garden.
Basildon Apr 2013

Joe is now back to doing PE at school with the prospect of cricket being a bit part of what they're doing, his last term was general gymnastics, so that was useful in that it kind of eased him back into doing more activities. At home he's been back in training for this season with the under 13's, although at the moment their team looks a little depleted, but hopefully once the training starts outside and the matches resume, some of the kids that may have not attended nets may return? Karate has resumed and so far he's not had any problems, the only thing he says is that at the end of the session when they kneel, he feels a sense of immobility in his knee joint. Other than that he's been swimming on his own with his mate Lewis...

With Ben (His brother), Kieran and Harry who are all at the same club we've been out once or twice over at the old tennis courts at Langdon Hills Rec having a bit of a knock about see video below.

You can see in the video that Joe's got a bit of a limp and we're not sure how long that'll be there or in fact whether it's going to be a long term thing. The physio's have said that from Feb 2013 it might yet be 2 years before he regains full muscle structure recovery and full 100% fitness, so I'm assuming that over that period the limp will become less apparent and hopefully will disappear. What he needs to do I reckon is more activities, the more stuff he does the faster he'll recover, so hopefully the weather will improve enabling us to all get out and about.

The Scars...
1.This is the exit wound (Above) as it was early April 2013. This is also where most of the operation occurred via the hole that was made where the bone came out through the skin.
2.This was 'The hole', this as far as I was concerned was the worst of the scars in the early days and this is the one that seems to be benefitting the most from the massaging and has made the most obvious visual improvement.
3. This is the 'Impact wound' where the car hit his leg, not seen much in the early days as it was encased in the plaster. The image at the bottom which shows the inside view of the leg doesn't include this scar as it's round the other side of the leg.
4.This is a new one, this is the hole that had to be made in orde to extract the pins in January. Again there's a second hole the other side, but hat has healed far better. This wound was made worse by the fall in the snow, where the stitches were ripped out and we had that additional break scare, that was a false alarm thankfully. This is healing slowly.

5. This is an over-view of the inside of the leg where most of the scars are. Generally they are on the mend, but it is a slow process and I may not do anymore images now for a couple of months so that if there is a change it may be more obvious with the passing of time. I have to keep on at Joe about massaging the wounds and he's not bothered. He still says that the skin over the top of the exit wound still feels tender to rub hard, so he can't rub the centre of the wound that hard, but I think that it's more important to rub round the edges as this I think encourages the re-structure of the tissue in the manner in which it needs to grow to reduce the scarring.