Friday, May 10, 2013

An ambition to be realised tomorrow

One of my ambitions is to play in a proper cricket game with my older son Ben and that's going to be realised tomorrow if the weather holds. We've both been selected to play in the 4th XI against Orsett's 5th XI. The game is right on our doorstep within walking distance at Langdon Hills Rec which makes it even better.
This will be Ben's first ever adult game and looking at the team selected it'll be a game he'll fit into and feel a part of as there are so many of his team mates. I'm quite surprised at how few adults there are in the game, so a it's a chance for the younger players to shine. There's no notification of who the captain is, so we'll just have to see how it goes tomorrow. At the moment out main enemy is the weather, on XC weather there's an indication that around the start of the game we may have some rain, but fingers crossed maybe it'll miss us. It is going to be cold though with a stiff breeze.
Game results and pictures tomorrow...
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