Thursday, June 20, 2013

Joe progress compound fracture recovery

I haven't done this in a while because the healing process has slowed down considerably, so the week by week differences are so minimal they'd probably be hard to see. The images here are the first for 2 months, so if compared with the images shot at the start of April here, there maybe a noticeable difference.

 The leg overview.
 The inside of the leg with the 'Hole' next to the penny and the exit wound to the left.
 'The hole' close up.
 The exit wound close up.

This it the impact wound on the back of the leg.

Overall it's coming together for Joe slowly, he's back to doing as much sport as he can, but as the physio said back in March it's going to be a long haul (2 years) before he regains the fitness levels he had at the time of the accident. One of the consequences of this, is that when he's playing cricket it's almost inevitable that he's going to be run-out, because he still hasn't got the muscles to get going and he's still carrying some additional weight gained whilst recovering. He had to miss out on some of the school sports that he would have participated in - running etc and he only managed to secure a place in one event whereas he'd have expected to represent his 'House' in several events.

Another quick update on Joe. I followed Joe on his way out to school on Friday after I'd updated my blog and reported to you that he doesn't limp. I watched him walk down the rode and noticed that he does in fact still limp, I think normally it's not something I'm looking for, as I'm usually looking to be positive, but he leaped over a wall and I thought 'Well, that's good to see as well', but then watched as he walked away and watched and observed that he does still have a limp. It may be that it's one of those situations, where initially, early in the day he's not loose and warmed up, and as the day goes on he loses the limp, but that's something I'll have to look out for?
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