Thursday, July 18, 2013

The weekend ahead

With both sons playing cricket and me getting a match each week and then training as well, I've had very little time to write the blogs and I'm currently trying to think of a way of blogging to some kind of template, we'll have to see how that goes.

Joe's playing tonight at Mopsies park in the U15's b (Joe's only just 12) and he's doing fairly well with his bowling, although he's still limping a year or more after his RTA. But the main event is the weekends game against.... Sat 20 Jul 2013 :  4th XI Sat v Hainault & Clayhall 5th XI (Home (Langdon Hills) ).

At the minute as you can see here, we're second in the league which is a rare event and seemingly only second because the team in the lead has played an additional game? The only game we've lost was the one that Ben and I didn't play in, as we went to Derbyshire for a family do.

Shepherd Neame Limited

'p' = Played
'wbf'= Won Batting First (25 points)
'wbs'= Won Batting Second (20 points)
'd'= Draw (0 points)(Drawn)
'lbf'= Lost Batting First (0 points)
'lbs'= Lost Batting Second (0 points)
'a'= Abandoned (6 points)(Aband)
'BP' = Bonus Points
'pen' = Penalty Points
'%W (xc)'= Percentage wins (exc. conceded)
'Pts'= Points
Having played in most of the games for the 4ths, I was worried that there might be a situation where, because we're nearing the end of the season and we're doing really well, "The club selectors" might start bringing in players to ensure a win, meaning that blokes that have played through all the rain, cold, dodgy wickets etc establishing this position might be shoved aside. Apparently this almost happened last night, but our captain stepped in and said no and ensured that the regulars got selected as much as possible. Apparently there were 16 people trying to get a game - what I want to know, is where were those people when we had to play with 9 or 10 players?
Anyway, that aside, it looks like a good game Saturday on the cards red-hot (For England) 30 degrees + . Last night in the nets I sustained two knocks on the leg and ankles so had them in ice for 15 minutes. I can't believe how well ice works, as I've got up this morning and I'm fine! I think I heard last night that I got selected on the basis of my commitment in the field, after my performance over at Fairlop waters in the covers, so this morning I've been out and bought shin guards, so I can be even more committed!