Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Gibbs reflective practice in sport (cricket) it worked!

A couple of hours later after writing up my Gibbs reflective practice thing I went out with my action plan and bowled again, putting some of the action plan points into action.

1. I used the big heavy duty rubber mat at the bowling end to have a good solid base to bowl off meaning I felt secure under-foot.

2. I introduced a longish run up for me, probably 9 or 10 steps and came in off a fairly quick run in.

3. Tried to get side on as much as possible out of an energetic bound.

4. Used a very loose grip and bowled with my top-spinner action.

5. Tried a mixture of flippers, leg breaks and Top-Spinners.

Massive improvement, hit the stumps loads, got swing with the flippers and was able to vary the leg breaks by moving the wrist position giving me 3 leg-break variations...

  • Hardly any turn with more dip.
  • Normal stock delivery
  • Bigger leg break
Add to that a flipper that I vary in speed with the faster version swinging into the stumps from outside of off.

So all in all a very good follow up session after the poor one earlier on.