Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bowling illustrations Wrist Spinning MKI

Angry Ranga's field...

Side Spun (Flying saucer ball) illustration indicates no drift.
There's some discussion on-line here regarding the use of this delivery.

Top-spinner trajectory illustration

The Top spinner as in this image would have an upright seam. Seen looking from the side of the pitch the rotation would be as indicated in this image below.
So if the ball is spun in a flying saucer way, does it therefore get effected by the Magnus Force but turned on it's side. It works both upwards - holding the ball in the air longer and straighter for back-spinner, and making the ball dip for top-spinners, so does it make the ball swerve side ways with flying saucer spin?...

So, if the ball is then bowled with more tilt on it, so that it combines both over-spin and side-spin like the illustration below, it would dip and swing slightly to the left?


The illustration below is the 90 degree square leg break ball, which according to Bob Woolmer in his analysis of Warne's 'Ball of the century' in his last book, would not drift.


This is the ball described by Woolmer that Warne bowled - 90 degree seam presentation, but with the ball tilted backwards...