Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Achilles strain recovery - update

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Achilles Strain Week 2

Gutted - we're now heading towards the 2nd weekend where I'm not going to be playing cricket again. I guess the good news though is that things seem okay, but then that's typical it seems of chronic injuries. I'm using the RICE method as much as I can, but it is difficult when I don't feel that bad. I have been walking around without the crutches, but today I used a crutch again just going with the resting aspect and not loading it too much. I'm icing it frequently and have started using a compression bandage as well. I've been able to walk quite normally if I so desire, but that's led to a different sensation further up the leg, like a low level muscle ache at the bottom end of the Soleius. I noticed today also if I walked with a kind of rolling action with the foot - spreading the distribution of the impact of the action, that felt total discomfort free.

One thing that has felt good is my younger son; The one who had his leg snapped clean in half in a RTA who I helped with his physio more than anyone else is now repaying the favour and is massaging my leg where this injury had occurred. The muscles in this leg were really twisted and he's said that after only two relatively short sessions he can feel a massive improvement.

From http://www.runnersworld.com/injury-treatment/treating-and-recovering-from-achilles-injury

One good test to determine which structure is causing the injury is to move the tendon through a range of motion, grasp the painful area and move your foot up and down. If the painful area stays in one spot then it is the paratenon; if the painful area moves then it is the tendon. Tendinosis responds well to massage directly on the area, whereas paratendonitis responds better to massage above the injured area, up towards the calf muscles.

One thing that is good, is that I don't think this injury is that bad as I initially thought, the pain that they seem to talk about was gone within 18 hours, if I pinch the Achilles there's no difference between the left or right leg. But having suffered this injury in one of it's more severe forms 12 years ago and having had to walk around in a boot for almost 12 months I'm still inclined to err towards being cautious.

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