Sunday, September 20, 2015

Development and re-construction of bowling action - repeatable and consistent.

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(1). What Happened? Bowled today against a bunch of sloggers at our fun day using a plastic training ball on an artificial wicket and wasn't able to get the ball to turn. Also got called for foot over the line 'No-Balls'.

(2). Feelings. Okay, not that fussed on what happened, the only person that really got after me was my own son Joe.

(3). What was good and bad? (Evaluation). The ball didn't turn anywhere near enough, but I beat the bat loads with the little turn that there was combined with the increased pace. At one point I was told 'Float it in - don't bowl darts'. Bad... No-Balls, where I stepped over the popping crease in the delivery.

(4). Analysis. The weight of the ball was significantly different, but I adapted to it quite quickly. For some reason the ball didn't turn a great deal, but I beat the bat loads with the pace. My accuracy was pretty good and I got the edge a couple of times with the wicket keeper taking the catch on 2 occasions.

It does appear that when confronted with a batsman that I don't know, I run in faster and as a result I was called no-ball a few times, so one of the things I need to do in my practice is extend the run-in to 13' and work with that.

The ball wasn't turning, but I'm not that fussed about that either, I think that may have been the nature of the ball and the fact that we were bowling on an artificial surface. One of the things I may have to look at and adapt to when bowling is ascertain whether my bowing is going to turn off the wicket and if not bowl with a lot more over-spin which I can easily do with an adjustment of the wrist, but looking ahead I will need to improve my Top-Spin release so that it is spun harder and gets more dip.

(5). Conclusion. Keep going as I am, put any negative thought behind me and work with the arm as previously discussed.

(6). Action Plan.
(a). Adjust the length of the run-up to 13'.
(b). Explore reaching out with the leading arm and see if it leads to any significant improvement.
(c). Start to explore getting up on to the toes in the pivot. It's already been noticed in the last video that the bowling is better when I do this.