Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nutbrook Cricket Club net session

I was in Derbyshire over the bank holiday (Aug 2015) with the In-laws and while I was there I took the opportunity to drive around the Ilkeston/Erewash area and shoot some pavilions for my pavilion projects see here.

The club that is closest to their house (In-laws) is Nutbrook cricket club which is almost just across the road to their house and I knew that it has good nets, so I was hoping to score some time in the nets grooving my new bowling action. So when I went over there to shoot the image for the Typology and maybe throw a few balls in the nets if they allowed me to.
I took along a ball (Should have taken 6). While I was there I spoke to a bloke who looked like a trainer and I asked him if I could have a bowl in the nets while they were all out playing in a match (which they won). The bloke said yes, so having shot the images I then spent 3 hours bowling in their nets.
I was in there at the start of the innings and was still there at the end, some of the blokes commented on the fact that I was bowling for such a long period.

It was a useful session as I started to work with this new action that I'm going to be developing over the winter leading into the new season. I went over the next day and bowled a few more overs and the blokes suggested that I join their club, so I might consider it as it would mean I'd be able to use the facilities when I'm up in West Hallam.

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