Sunday, January 31, 2016

The moment of truth

Our clubs net sessions are approaching and the moment of truth. Will all the practice we've been putting in with our batting pay off? We've spent money on net sessions and using halls for throw downs to try and develop some batting skills and both of us - Joe and I feel that we've made significant progress that may see us move up the order this year? Needless to say we'll have to prove ourselves to see the promotion up the order, but I'm personally eyeing up the No.8 position!

Today we were planning to go to the local community centre and do some drills with throw-downs or bowling off of 18 yards (quicker response time required). But it was fully booked so instead we drove around looking for a 'Cage' and found the usually 'Full' one at Markham's chase was empty and used that. This is a brilliant facility which seemingly now seems under threat. Once upon a time - situated behind a superb leisure centre that all of our family used to use, it now finds itself right next to some private houses built on the site of the old centre and the residents seem to not be in favour of it see article here.

Spent about an hour and half batting looking to move my feet and getting to the pitch of the ball. Other things - moving my feet and body towards the leg-side without falling over and for the most part this was all coming together nicely. Joe had come along with a bit of an attitude, so wasn't playing ball properly which was a shame, but this kind of played into my hands as it meant that it was more like the drills I've seen on-line where you have to move masses to get behind the ball!

It was just good to get outside as it was so mild 13 degrees and didn't cost me a penny whereas the same thing would have cost me a tenner indoors for less time.

Our first net of the season will Tuesday 23rd and we'll find out whether there has been any improvement. That's also when I'll start to bowl properly with the new improved action, so with three weeks to go before I start that I may need to be working on some general fitness - especially the bottom half of my body and cardio work, so I may start going for a gentle run every other night in the week with Joe.