Sunday, September 16, 2007

G&CCC win again

Another win today which was nice. I never know who it is we're playing, but the team comprised of mostly adults with 2 very passionate younger lads around 16-18 years old maybe younger? All our faster bowlers had been drafted into the 1st XI team so we were left with a bunch of leg spin bowlers (5) and one seam bowler. Needless to say the opposition thought that all their christmas's had come at once espcially as the opening delivery went for 4 and the match then continued in the same vein. They eventually finished with 248 for 4 with 3 of their blokes scoring more than 50 each off of 40 overs.

So it looked like we were going to get hammered. But I've learnt to never under-estimate these kids on our team and a few hours later we walked off the victors having lost 3 batsmen with 3 overs to spare.

I had to umpire today and was allowed to do so at the cover position - so that was okay with only one serious appeal, but our bloke had his foot in and on the ground when the bales come off, but only just.

I fielded at Square leg, deep square leg, mid off and mid on. I've got to get my head round all these different positions so I don't have to ask where? I also got 6 overs and I think I went for about 58 runs or something. I had 2 stumpings that our lot said were dead certs but the umpire was having none of it. I had a few balls skied out to forward square leg - mostly off of longer balls that were loopy full tosses - which is something I should watch as a potential tactic to get blokes out? As usual I stopped a few balls, backed up some loose balls and probably made a fair contribution out in the field. Oh yeah I threw a few wides (3).

So even though we've got the likes of Gavin, Riley and Dean potentially on our side this match if it happens wont be a foregone conclusion.