Wednesday, December 19, 2007

19th Dec

I spent 45 minutes today on grass, but it was very sticky and soft so there was very little bounce, but it was useful in that my accuracy with line was good, far better than in the summer, but I still need to concentrate on length - I've still got a tendency to bowl too long. So this is something I need to look at. I also was aware of my walk-in and this seemingly new way that I do it. But this evening I've been looking at some video's on youtube and noticed that it's something a lot of people do in a similar way to me and it just appears to be what you have to do in order to keep your balance when shifting from a running forwards motions to a throwing over arm sideways motion. I looked at Lasith Malinga and Mathew Hoggard and they both seem to do it, but it's difficult to see the mechanics of it as they're so fast and most of the video footage is concerned with their bowling actions from an upper body perspective and not so much how they run in. I reckon if it is a change it's a change for the better. I need to get someone to film it so I can have a look at it and compare it with video footage I've previously shot of myself bowling.

Badger - if you're looking at this - when you get back come and video me please?