Thursday, December 03, 2009

Have I said this before? 15541

Again here in England after the wettest recorded November ever we’re subjected to more rain and the prospects of not even being able to get onto a tennis court or anything to have a practice. But despite that I’ve still got a selection of balls indoors and I’m still giving the ball a ‘Big Flick’. The action that I’ve been working on is the slider, so this is the ball spun back towards the body and it looks to be working fine. The ball spun in this way and allowed to drop to the kitchen floor comes back at me with far more spin on it than my Flipper and I’ve got a pretty healthy flick with the Flipper as well.

So with the gradual development of the Slider and it’s apparent spin being superior to the Flipper I’m now looking at my development list of variations for this coming season and wondering whether I should drop the back-spinning Flipper for the Slider?
By the end of last season I’d all but given up on the Flipper because I was finding it very inconsistent because I was bowling it and finding that it produced a lot of swing. Bowled at the off-stump I was finding that it was ending up wide of leg stump but on an inconsistent basis. I felt that it may have been possible to work on it leading up the start of the season and try and gain some control of the swing, but initial experiments and discussions on are leading to me to believe that the Slider may be the better ball. I suppose over the coming months I could work on both and see how it works out, but I’m definitely erring towards the Slider because it is only a matter of degrees ‘Going round the loop’ from the Big Leg Break and that’s the one thing that I really do want to master by the end of the 2010 season. I just feel that if I can get the Slider I’ll be literally millimeters in terms of wrist action control from being able to bowl the Biggun and that’s my ultimate goal.

So if that comes together the only Flipper I’ll be likely to be bowling in 2010 will be Grimmetts Mystery Ball – The Top-Spinning Flipper. So my line up for April 2010 will be………

Leg Break
Flipper (Top-Spinning variation)
Wrong Un

By the end of the summer I’ll be bowling the Leg Breaks wide of Leg Stump and turning them in around the back of the legs!!!

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