Friday, December 04, 2009

Top Ten Tips - Legspin bowling


Over at we're currently discussing a top ten tips list for the new year and one has come up already that we've never considered before and that's ..........

1. Get yourself a good wicket keeper.

Which seems very obvious, but has not arisen before in the list. It's now got me thinking about how committed wicket keepers are and whether like us Wrist Spinners they need to practice with the same intensity that we do. I've got a feeling that at club level they probably don't. But I'm now interested in whether wicket keepers prefer to keep with Spinners or fast bowlers? Then there's questions like what makes a good wicket keeper and do wicket keepers sit around at home playing Xbox or what have you passing the hours away wishing that they were out there somewhere practicing with a Wrist Spinner? Or is it easy and there's no need to practice?

Here's a useful link there's a good bit relating to the spinning ball.