Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bowling Drill for Legspin

Been working on my rotation and action through the delivery to make it a little more energetic looking for some more turn off the wicket and it seems to have worked. You'll read troughout my blogs that I don't advocate bowling a Leg-Stump line, but this new improved bowling action has seemingly produced better turn with no real loss of accuracy. Have a look at this bowling drill that I'm currently using which tests you for turn and accuracy if I can improve on this and get consistent turn I may change my lines of attack to include the outside legstump line?
You can see more clearly what it is that I'm doing in this image - the piece of car mat is about 12" x 14" and I'm trying to land it on that and then turn it into the stumps. I'm happy as long as it lands on the mat or hits the stumps, the straight balls that don't turn would only ever be any good against a very weak on the legside type batsman.