Friday, May 21, 2010

The Paddock May 21st

Had a bowl in the paddock tonight as usual. A long session of about 2 hours working on Leg Breaks, Top and Back spinning Flippers and Wrong uns. Most of it was going well excpet for the Leg Breaks, but to be honest I wasn't that focussed so not that fussed on the outcome.

It doesn't look like I've got a game on Sunday, so I may go fishing around and see if there's anything doing at Basildon and Pitsea. I think tomorrow the boys are going to join me over the paddock in the morning for an hour or so and I've sent a text to Talak to see if he wants to come over and join us as well in the nets, his son plays in the U13's. As yet I've not had a reply, but he may be working shifts as he's a consultant doctor or similar?

So in preparation for that I've cut the wicket this evening and treated the weeds with round-up being careful not to get too carried away with it as it kills everything - grass included. I also cut the grass at the bowlers end -what's left of it with a view to wearing the earth down and hopefully making it a lot flatter, this may facilitate the potential for using the bowling end as a wicket as well - possibly much later in the summer or getting it ready to work on over the winter.