Monday, June 14, 2010

I can't not bowl!

Knackered knee, leg and foot - but the top half of the body still works! Ben and Joe had thier training night tonight over at Mopsies. That went really well and they really enjoyed it. John - one of the coaches invited me along to their net sessions on a Wednesday night, if my leg was in order I'd have gone this Wednesday, but I'll probably give it a miss if there's no real improvement. At training I bowled the Big Leg Break up against the wall putting a bag in front of the stumps and trying to turn the ball around it. Had some real near misses, but didn't do it this time. Enthused by that once Ben and Joe were in bed I went over the paddock and did some static bowling just exploring the wrist and finger flick for the biggun. Probably threw 125 + balls and it looks increasingly promising. The last 25 I worked on accuracy as well as spin and there was some trade off - but it wasn't too bad. I'm now easily able to bowl the ball the full 22 yards with the big flick even from a static standing position.

What I'm hoping to do is take a note book over the paddock and make notes on what I do and perhaps the success rates with regards accuracy and spin so I can monitor how the bowling improves.