Saturday, June 12, 2010



Yep, at the minute I'm probably at my lowest ebb with my bowling and looking for answers. Today I returned to bowling the Big Leg Break using the big flick and again as with previous times had a degree of success with it. I had 2 periods in the day where I tried it and both were successful to different degrees. The earlier session I was getting the ball to turn exceptionally well, but also managed to keep a good line for a fairly high percentage. The second session was different in that I bowled a leg-side line using a single stump. The ball was pitching well outside leg and it turned in really well and hit the single stump at least once every six balls. On both ocassions the bowling was off a one or two step run-up and over the full 22 yards. The thing is during the second session the balls that didn't turn went straight, so a straight down the middle approach might be better?

What I may do is return to the approach I used to take when I was learning the very basics and have a note pad and record the good and bad balls and make notes about all the things I do to try and get things working properly. It seems after a long session bowling in my conventional manner where I wasn't at all happy with the outcome, the latter session where I was giving the ball a big flick - the bowling, albeit wayward looked potentially better? So perhaps I should look again at bowling with the big flick? I've got a game tomorrow again with B&PCC, so I'll see how that goes and take it from there.

Net Session in the paddock

Had a fairly good session with Ben and Joe in the paddock with both of them batting pretty well, especially against me which as you might have read above rung alarm bells. They've got a game at Mopsies Park tomorrow as well. So hopefully the net session may have shaken off some cobwebs?

By the end of the session the area in front of the stumps was pretty rutted and hollowed out so I took the chance this evening to water the area and add some more earth to fill the dip and level it off - see below.

Hopefully the kids will stay off it and it'll harden nicely for this coming week when I'll get a chance to bowl at my new mate Dhaneesh?