Saturday, October 23, 2010

Field settings

This is one suggestion being discussed on bigcricket at the minute and it's similar to the one below set by 'The Wizard' in my last game at Thurrock. This one is being suggested as a defensive approach and requires that you bowl around the stumps turning the ball away from the edge of the bat. The key being that you're able to put the ball on a good length with accuracy with your line as well.

Wizards Field setting: This one below set by Alex McLellan AKA 'The Wizard' another Legspinner who primarily attacks bowling outside the Leg stump turning the ball into the stumps with big turning leg breaks. We bowled in tandem and his own field was different to mine and he wasn't taking any wickets. When he set the field I thought that it was very creative and initially couldn't see what his strategy was, but I think as the captain that day with 2 blokes that were pretty settled, he'd observed that they were strong off their legs with a definite aversion to playing through the off-side. He instructed me to do my usual stuff which was to bowl Leg Breaks tight in to the stumps over the wicket down the middle at the off-stump, turning the ball away from the edge. In five overs 5 balls went to hand at the positions marked A to E and were all put down. An additional ball dropped short of (A) and another just short of the bloke out at deep square leg.