Monday, December 20, 2010

Cricket scoring

Cricket Scoring

I've just had a good evening with my younger son Joe (8) teaching him how to fill in scoring sheets. I'm pretty useless at it myself - can never get a rhythm going and and lose track of who is who on the pitch when they pretty much look identical. So over the last couple of months I've been watching the ILP full matches and trying to get it sussed and learning the sequences and symbols that are use in filling the score sheets. I've noticed at matches that kids are pretty much undaunted by doing it and enthusiastic about it too if introduced to it early, so I thought I'd teach Joe
Watching the video on line live it means the pace at which you have to do it is realistic and the information comes in to you in a similar manner, but with the advantage of if you get stuck you can hit the pause button. I was amazed at how much better he was at learning it than I was and it seems as though he'd be able to make a pretty good job of it even after tonight.

Kwik Cricket

Got a bunch of kids together today in a local sports hall (Too cold outside Minus 19 degrees centigrade last night just down the road and snow everywhere) and played Kwik cricket. It went down well with them and their Mums. Loads of quick action everyone got to bat and bowl at least 3 times in the hour and my older son Ben looked quite adept with the bat - front foot drives and legside shots - hope he can convert it to the hard ball this season. He'll beat my all time run record this summer I reckon (9 runs)!