Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Paddock and other stuff

I haven't been practicing at all for ages and looking forward to nets this year, although I'm concerned that my knees maybe giving up on me. I've been getting a sore sensation beneath the knee cap. I've been on-line and spoken to a physio Liz Ward and she reckons it's due to tight thigh muscles, so I've been stretching them and it does seem to help. But generally because of the inactivity and this happens every year I just feel increadibly unfit. The only I do keep up is flicking the ball - flippers and inward flicks to make sure my wrist keeps supple and I maintain the muscle memory. If it's dry I go outside and throw the ball around a bit - but because of the fact that I'm doing not other exercise, I can feel the potential for Golfers elbow. When nets does start in January I'll have to ease into some training a few weeks in advance of the first session.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to book out a whole sports hall for an hour and Ben and joe and some of their mates are all going to join us for a game of indoor cricket, so that'll hopefully be a bit of fun.

The good news is that there's been far fewer people going into or through the woods this year, because when they do so they go through the paddock diagonally and walk across the batting area. There also seems to be a lot less indication that whoever it was that was letting their dog loose in the paddock seems to have stopped this as well? I'm hoping that what with the work that was done through Sept and October and the sewing of the better quality grass, we'll have a good quality wicket to play on for a couple of months through May and June when it's at its best.

It's snowed again see image of the paddock and this is the 2nd significant snow fall this year already and it's been getting chilly at night with the temp getting down to -7 degrees.