Thursday, June 09, 2011

Another product of the Dave Thompson school of bowling

At the end of the summer last year one of Ben's mates Kieran started joining our cricket games and has continued to do so this year and it looks like he's got the cricket bug and he came along to Basildon & Pitsea this week and joined in. He was soon spotted by some of the coaches because he too like Ben can bowl a bit and was taken out of the drills he was doing and asked to bowl in the nets so they could have a look at his bowling. They seemed reasonably impressed as he bowls a decent length on the off-stump line and at reasonable pace as I've taught him. He had a game today at his school and from what I can glean from Michelle and Joe is that he may have batted right through the 20 overs not being dismissed and then was instrumental in bowling the opposition out for virtually nothing in 3.5 overs! Kieran's team 'Billericay High School' were seemingly in a good position as the opening bowlers other than him were Finlay and Harrison Birch from B&PCC too. All of this is subject to confirmation when I see Kieran himself, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some truth in it, because despite having a very unorthodox batting grip he has very good ball to eye co-ordination and hits the ball very late even against pace bowling.