Thursday, June 23, 2011


I had another go tonight and like last night it started out with 4 balls on the trot hitting the stumps, but then carried on like that. For the most part was bowling Wrong wrong uns again simply because they're very accurate and peculiar balls - a ball that spins through the air in an anti-clockwise rotation (Seam) so initially looks like a Leg Break, but instead of the seam pointing at gully or point with over-spin it's pointing towards cover or mid off with back spin. This means when it lands it skids through low and stalls a bit and this catches batsmen out. I then throw in a wrong using the same slingy high arm action and shoulder dip and speed and at the moment these are turning massively. So tonight was okay.

Also bowled a couple of overs with the bound - Leg Breaks - looked okay, but nothing to write home about.