Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sidearm Pro + Readers Windball

Another pre-season knock-about and a try out with a range of different balls with the Sidearm. We've been mixing balls up when we've given it a go and one of the balls that seemed to be more difficult to use was the Readers Windballs, which, if you could use them would be ideal, rubber and hard wearing and relatively weighty. So today over at out usual venue (The Tennis courts at the Rec) I gave the Readers Windball a go to see if it would work.

For some reason and I suppose it's the weight and the size, it requires a slightly different approach, but within about 7 balls I was getting sussed and from then on the accuracy was spot on and the Readers wind ball is another contender for use with kids or training without having to get all padded up. It does seem that with a bit of work most of the balls you would use in cricket be it training balls or cricket balls, you can with a little bit of work get the hang of all of them. So the need to buy the other variations of the Sidearm does seem suspect. If you buy the most expensive one - the Pro version it does seems as though it is potentially very versatile and usable with a whole range of balls.

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