Saturday, January 28, 2012

Practice with Frank Farrington wrist spinner

This afternoon after last nights net session which I was quite happy about, I decided that I'd go over to the Rec and have a bit of a bowl and look at my line and length. When I got over there I was pleased to find Wrist Spinner Frank Farrington with his Dad mark, so it ended up that I had someone to bowl at and I even got a bit of bat as well. Here's Frank bowling last year -

We had a chat about the make up of the U13's team which Frank moves up to this year alongside my older son Ben. Talking about it, Mark seemed to think that the U13's might be short of players, but coming home tonight I went through the potential list with Ben and Joe and it looks pretty healthy I reckon? I've kind of identified 3 good batsmen and following them up are lads that can swing the bat and get the ball over the boundary, who are going to need to listen to the coaches and adapt their game a bit - learn to hit the ball along the ground, run 1's and 2's and look to turn the strike over and communicate well with the bloke at the other end. Six months in the life of a kid that is 11, 12 or 13 is a relatively long time and sometimes 'Big' learning curves can happen. Further down my virtual order there's a couple of promising looking kids with the potential to bat as well and with a little luck their confidence might come through this season. With regards bowlers I reckon we've got 5-7 good uns including Frank with his Wrist Spin.

Locally the feeling I got was that around the district last years U13's were made up of predominantly older lads who would have all moved up to the U15's and for the most part the district U11's weren't that good and our U11's did pretty well against them all. So I'm kind of expecting another fairly decent year for the U13's.

Tomorrow then with the first of the U13's nets, it'll be good to see who shows up and make a good account of themselves.

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