Monday, February 13, 2012

Good day for younger son Joe

Younger son Joe had a good session at his under 11 nets, which is a relief as after last week he wasn't that impressed and it looked as though if it had been followed up by a second session, we may have had cries of 'I don't want to go to nets -it's pointless'. But, this week it seems as though he's been bouyed by some success and he came home really enthused by the whole event despite it sounding as though it had followed the same format. This week the coaches were focusing on Front Foot Drives, and this is one of the strokes that I'm always trying to get him to use in our knock abouts in the Tennis Courts following up all the work that G-Man and others have been doing over the previous 2 years and the message might be getting through. Joe reported that they had been put into groups of 4 - one batting, one dropping the ball (2nd bounce drive) and the other two lads fielding. It seems that when Joe did it he was getting the ball past the 2 fielders consistently and then later in the session they were encouraged to drive the ball in a game. Joe seems to have set up a win by driving the ball well towards the end of the game and was more than pleased with the session.

Later in the day one of the coaches Neil said on his facebook page that the session had gone well and that he was optimistic that the U11's and the U13's look like good units again this year and that maybe we'll have another really positive year. I reckon he might be right and I'm looking forward to seeing how the year pans out and how both teams do.