Friday, February 03, 2012

Net session #2

Again another reasonable net session, I was quite happy with how it went against the batsmen that were in the net initially. The last bloke though was 2nd XI batsman and he was pretty good and I didn't have a lot of answers to his approach. I might have a had a couple of LBW shouts, but they came about through bowling wrong uns and for some reason he didn't offer a shot on both of them - just lifting the bat clear and allowing the ball to strike him on the pads in front of the off-stump? But right at the end I realised that all night I hadn't been getting any real dip and thought it through and concluded that I wasn't following through properly and letting the bowling arm come through and past the hip. On the last 2 balls I did this and it seemed to cause the good bloke a bit more of a problem. I can't believe that it took all night to realise where the deficiency had been in my bowling. It looks as though I need to take a check list and put it in my pocket...

  • Strong Leading arm
  • Land out of the bound with your foot at right angles to the direction so you're side on.
  • Whip the arm over
  • Get up on the pivot foot and twist
  • Bring the bowling arm over through past the hips

Something like that!