Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Paddock

Here in the UK we're heading for a drought unless a lot of rain falls pretty soon, rivers and reservoirs are up to 50% down on capacity and this is before the summer even starts. We've had 2 consecutively dry winters, with very little in the way of rain and increase in colder snowy weather which only lasts for a week or so.

As far as the Paddock is concerned, what with the removal of the fence, I was in two minds whether I'd maintain it this year, but last week we had a bit of a knock about in there using the sidearm. I've said to Joe, Ben and Kieran that whoever bowls me out 10 times first will get a tenner and that's given them all incentive to pick up the sidearm and start using it therefore improving their accuracy with it and giving me the chance to face faster bowling. But interestingly, even though the paddock is in a real mess at the moment, the ball was coming through fine, so with a little rain today I took the opportunity to get in there with the roller and give it a going over. As I write it's raining right now and due to continue through the night, so it's likely that I'll have another go tomorrow and I may also seed it.

With regards the fence, I contacted the local council and they've said that there's a small chance that something may happen, so fingers crossed if they've got to spend money before their financial review and they're looking for projects to spend the cash on quickly, we may get lucky?