Saturday, January 26, 2013

65 Days

March 1st is 65 days away and I'm hoping that Joe will be running around like a normal kid by then, playing basket ball, back to his Karate sessions, playing cricket, football and riding his bike. Yesterday with the pulling around of the pin exit holes and the whole sensation of not having the plaster on he was a bit flaky. Now he's had 12 hours sleep and inevitably mobilised his knee joint while he was asleep, he's woken up seeing that the knee has been bent and has started the day with some renewed optimism. He came downstairs without the aid of his crutch and has since been walking around albeit with a massive limp without the crutch. In his own words "I think I'm almost back to the stage where I was before going into hospital". I reckon by the end of the weekend, he may be getting there, but there's a little more work to do as yet.

Last night I got Joe laying down on his back and tried to get him doing a few leg raises on his back, they didn't go so well (No strength in the thighs or a perception). On his side was a different matter and he got through 5 or 6 easily and I was happy that he just did a few.

I'm going to try and get him to stand feet apart today and catch a training ball either side of him so it puts a little weigh though the bad leg as he shifts his weight emphasis from one side to the other. All relatively gentle stuff at these stage so as not to disturb the steri strips.