Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Joe update and general news

I'm getting a little slack with this at the moment. although cricket-wise there's not a lot going on to be fair, but I'll get back to that in a minute.


Just before Christmas we attended the fracture clinic for another assessment of Joe's leg and to see whether his pins could be removed soon as the expectation would be that the remaining calcium growth that needed to happen in the little gap would have happened by now. Sure enough the xrays were done and the surgeon was more than pleased at the progress and said that we'd get an appointment for a day in January.

The procedure will mean general aneasthetic will be used and the legs opened up again at the small scars where the pins went in back on April 6th 2012. Obviously they'll be as inobtrusive as possible and the scars will heal in a similar small size. The likelyhood is that Joe will have to rest all of the day, perhaps over-night as well if he ends up suffering any pain, but on the other-hand the procedure may go so well, he'll be able to leave in the afternoon or evening.

I have no idea of how this is going to go pain-wise, I'm hoping that it's going to be nothing like back in April/May where Joe suffered a lot. It also strikes me that it may affect him psychologically, he may believe that the pins are holding his leg together and with the removal he may feel that he's been set back? I've not said anything about this and I'm hoping that he'll get up and carry on as usual and that perhaps there wont be any need for physio's to be on hand to get him walking again?

What upsets me though, looking at these Xrays is that it looks like his bones from this angle appear to be offset and not aligned that well? Whether that's just a perception of mine or a reality I don't know, but I suppose I have to be greatful that he's alive and that the damage isn't worse. But deep down it worries me that he is still limping. Looking at these images and knowing how badly the body needs to alligned correctly in order to function well, I'm wondering whether it may be the case that he is going to end up with a permanent limp. The hospital is very non-commital with these aspects of the recovery, always refering back to the fact that being young he has very good potential for a very good recovery, so I suppose I can't dwell on this and will have to hope that next Monday (We had notification today) all goes well and with the pins out and a the recovery being predicted as a year or longer, the limp will gradually fade as he reaches the full recovery period.

Cricket prospects this year

I've spoken about body alignment above in the section about Joe from a position of possible knowledge. Added to the other two ailments and conditions I've developed in the last year that may scupper my chances of being active this year in the sport I've got an additional condition. My right foot has developed a dull pain/ache on the pads between the points in the image below (White crosses) A & B. The sensation is more 'Uncomfortable' than painful and it gives a sense that it will become painful and therefore there's a desire to scrunch the toes up in order to alleviate the pain/sensation.

Previously I'd suffered Plantar Fasciitis (see below) where the main muscles/tendons connect the toes to the heels, this series of muscles needs to be flexible, but become compromised by the tightening of calf muscles in my case, and the tightness causes tearing in the muscle fibres between the toe and heel and around the heel.

Feeling the plantar of my right foot I can feel what seems to be either a knot or scar tissue  mid-foot. Which is a result of my previous episode? I'm not suffering the same symptoms this time and I reckon it may be due to over-compensating for some kind of in-balance in my stance and the way I walk. Incidentally I had some photo's shot at a studio where I had to stand upright and straight and the photographer commented that I wasn't standing straight. Additionally, as a part of keeping the PF at bay I massage my calf muscles sporadically and I've noticed that the calf muscles on my left leg are ridiculously tight and knotted. I reckon a visit to the Doctor is on the cards otherwise I can see this year being a write off.


Ben will be 15 this year and obviously becoming more and more of an independent person trying to find his own identity and way through life, seperate from his Dad (me) and his brother, so there's the potential that he could easily drift away from cricket which I hope don't happen, I'm still holding out for that chance to play in a few games with him. But a couple of days ago we had a few chuck downs and he picked up the bat and he looked in good touch "Haven't lost the ability to bowl yet Dad", being a positive comment he made that I was pleased about. So, hopefully we'll be able to drag him away from Youtube as the season arrives and get him doing some stuff?

Eye-in bat.

I had an old bat in the garage that had a split up one side and I took that into work and a bloke cut it down for me,making it into one of those eye-in bats for Joe. It's got a nice feel to it despite being cut down slightly for Joe's height. Hopefully as Joe recovers he'll get some use out of it and his batting may improve a little.