Sunday, February 03, 2013

It's a conspiracy!

Blimey! There's poor old Joe, a  year out of cricket with his leg injury and then when he's on the verge of a come back it sounds like there's not enough kids in his age group for the club to get a team together! They can't even cobble together a team with younger kids because they all play at the same time as the U11's on Sunday mornings, so there's no way that there's going to be enough U11's spare to joing the U13's. The other way round e.g. Joe getting a game in the U15's - that's not going to happen as the U15's is rammed packed with good players! We'll have to watch that and see how it goes.

What was good about the session was that G-Man was there doing the coaching and it sounds like he'll be around for the season on and off helping with the coaching, but not playing. Oliver Bybuke was there too which is good to see, as he's another one of my Protege's and one with potential as an all-rounder. He made a good account of himself facing some of the better bowlers, and coming away with a not-out whilst some of the upper order batsmen came and went, while he hung it out and put runs on the board. This was good for him as he lacks confidence in his abilities and all last summer after initially saying he's play in matches, he bottled out at the last minute, worried that his indiviudal performance would let the side down.

Hopefully this good start along with his Mums insistance that he plays this year or she's no longer bringing him, will see that he plays in a few games. As the weather clears up, I'll be doing as much as I can over at the paddock and at the Rec to ensure he gains some confidence.

4th XI

One of the blokes at the club mentioned the up and coming season, saying that there'd be plenty of cricket for me to look forward to over the summer, as there were more fixtures arranged this year for the 4th XI. On that front I'd been into Boots the chemist today looking at in-step/arch supports for this ropey foot of  mine. I'd found some, but could not believe the price... £26.00 or there-abouts, so I'm going to have to have a re-think on that front.