Saturday, February 02, 2013

Lignum Vitae heavy bails cricket

Heavy Bails cricket - Lignum Vitae;

A year or so I posted about looking for more Lignum Vitae bails to replace a missng one from my set. At the time I had trouble finding them and during my research I came across articles that mentioned the fact that the bush/tree that the wood is harvested from is becoming increasingly rare. The tree/bush as I recall only occurs in the Carribean and one or two of the north eastren South American countries on the main land mass. The bush/tree is a very slow growing plant and this is a part of the reason it's so rare as it's not a commercially viable proposition for a commercial wood. The turn round from sapling to harvesting being decades and the demand for the wood being such it seems that they don't farm it as such. In fact as I recall it's so rare it's considered endangered.

But if you are after some of the bails and you can't find them try this place here. Needless to say it's probably a case of while stocks last!
Heavyweight Bails by Reader

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