Saturday, January 18, 2014

Glimmers of Spring

In the last week or so on the way home and going into work, I've noticed the light changing - the sun coming up earlier and going down later, but today walking home I noticed catkins on the trees, so already natures showing some indication that spring is on its way which will be good news for all of those people that are up to their necks in water from the floods.

I stopped off and had a look at the paddock and that's in a right sorry state, very saturated with water. The seed that I put down at the end of the same which did take looks very sorry for itself with big gaps between clumps of new grass, so it looks as though I'm going to have to put down more to get the grass established again in the crease where we bat.

In the meantime if you're interested in photography or know anyone who is studying photography have a look at the link on the page at the top here, you or they might find it useful.