Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pre season

Our first net session will be on Feb 14th, a little over 3 weeks away. I've been doing some stretching and a few exercises gradually working towards that date. I've been encouraging my now Twitter/Facebook and Tumblr obsessed son to do the same and we're in a press-up competition which I'm still managing to keep in front of him with. I might try and get him on the pull-up bars as well as I recall he was better than me at that last year.

Joe who is still in recovery with another year still before the physio's said he'd have built up his muscle mass again is really out of condition. I know in a few weeks time he's got cross country and he'll struggle with that, at the moment he's still doing football at school, so he's not really going to get much out of that although he likes a bit of football.

The one area I'm worried about with regards my own condition is my legs and cardio. I've got no muscle bulk in either top or bottom sections of my legs and this by my reckoning can cause a high risk situation with my knees. So I'm in need strengthening all aspects of my legs and get some cardio work going. I know Liz Ward advocates power walking... low impact, cardio and works on a lots of muscles, so tonight I got started with this and got Joe to come along too to see how he'd get on.

Joe, more so than Ben will,  if allowed will just watch Youtube all day long from the moment he gets up to the moment he goes to bed. At school and generally out and  about - (like a footballer), he wont run unless he needs to and then again like a footballer he'll stop after just a few minutes and say he's knackered! So he needs to do something!

So we set out - 10 minutes heading towards a big hill - go as far as we could for 10 minutes up the hill and then back again via a slightly longer route. So all in all a 20 minute cardio work-out with some work on the legs. I came through okay and recovered really quickly once back indoors. Joe on the other hand struggled, saying that his leg hurts where the break was (Excuse)? and generally looked really out of condition and couldn't even managed to trot every now and then to keep up with me walking. So... I need to do some work with Joe, as I get fitter myself. Hopefully I'm going to be able to drag him along with me and he'll lose some weight and gain some stamina. We'll have to see how it goes...