Sunday, March 02, 2014

Paddock update

Over the last week since putting the 2nd batch of seed down in the paddock and feeding it with nutrients, the weather has been relatively fine. Trees are coming out in blossom, crocuses are out and here and there a few Daffodils are appearing, so spring is on its way. I had a quick look at the paddock on Friday afternoon and it is still very damp and muddy. There’s no sign of any of the seeds germinating yet and I expect it’ll be another week or so yet before any of the shoots appear.

 I think last week I may have mentioned that when I’ve put seed down in the past it always looks as though it hasn’t taken that well and without any additional nutrients being put down, it starts to struggle after an initial promising burst into life. The council have put seed down in the goal-mouths in the paddock and their grass looked a lot better than mine (The stuff put down in October). But on Friday when I had a look my grass has burst back into life again and the council grass is now suffering. My grass got some feed last week and it’s kicked into action already and the October grass is starting to look healthy.

 I’ve not put down any additional seed this week, but next weekend I’ll probably get some put down and I’ll also consider rolling it if it’s not soaked.