Sunday, March 02, 2014

Spin Bowling Workshop (Essex).

One of the people that has helped me a lot over the years has been Liz Ward, and she’s contacted me recently with regards the potential of spin workshop…

Hi Dave,

I have been speaking to a coach [ex-Zimbabwe International] who would like to put on a spin workshop.  Are you still interested, if so what would you like covered? Would you know of anybody else interested to attend?

It would be great if you could ask whether anybody else would be interested and if so, what they would like.

 As far as costs, I guess it would have to cover venue so the more, the cheaper!

The soonest this can happen would be late spring.  It will be in Essex but open to where; obviously, the further you have to travel, the less the cost as you would not have to pay for the coaches travel.

Let me know what you think and come up with.

Kindest regards,

 If you’re interested go to this link here, register and contact me either through the forum or PM me via the forum. If you know me to speak to – obviously contact me direct.