Saturday, September 20, 2014

Adil Rashid

Adil Rashid - Yorkshire - England - Wrist Spinner - Leg Spinner

I did use some images here of Adil Rashid and then I read this...


I've just been watching Scott Borthwick bowling in the final at Lords between Durham and Warwickshire Bears in the 'Royal One day cup'. He bowled 2 overs and went for 7 for no wickets. One of the commentators Strauss was talking about leg-spinners in a general way, saying that Borthwick at the stage of the game was a risky option as he might go for runs, but was an option as the spinners create chances. I didn't watch both overs, but I was disappointed that he only bowled the two, but in the context of the game and the need to keep the score down it obviously made sense to the captain. They brought on an off-spinner later and he did well taking 3 wickets. Breese 7-0-30-3.
But the point of interest was the fact that Strauss mentioned the fact that Rashid had done well this season and that with age his bowling is maturing and that maybe he'd be reconsidered for a place in the England set up in the future?
Reading around different websites it seems that he had a terrible year in (2102) with a public slagging off from Geoffrey Boycott and was dropped from the Yorkshire 1st XI. All of that on top of the fact that he was slaughtered when he played for the England one day team and some people were concerned that the exposure to cricket at that level was potentially damaging.
It does appear that the damaging series in South Africa, where he was removed and replaced by Swanne who had been injured, did knock his confidence. Rashid still maintained his position in the England Lions set up and continued playing for Yorkshire, but then went through a few lean years culminating in 2012 where he seemed hit an all time low. Despite the public drubbing from Boycott it appears that Jason Gillespie the coach that came in 2011 had faith in Rashid and started to rebuild Rashid's confidence believing that he could play a vital role in the Yorkshire team. That belief started to pay off during the 2013 season and continued through this season and it appears Rashid is on track to return to the England set -up...
How Adil Rashid has not played for the England Test side is beyond me. He is the best spinning all-rounder in the country. Adil is an unbelievable player and I don’t understand why he is not selected ahead of James Tredwell, who doesn’t spin it. Adil is a good batsman, a great fielder who should be in the England set-up. We are crying out for spinners so I find it baffling that the selectors continue to overlook Adil.
Reading between the lines, there does seem to be a different approach to the handling of Leg-Spinners here in the UK in comparison to Australia? It might be just the fact that Gillespie despite being a fast bowler has somehow picked up on the 'Party-line' advocated by the likes of Jenner and Warne. It's baffling to me that Boycott on one hand is suggesting that Rashid is pretty much useless and yet in comes an Aussie and within a year he's managed to get Rashid back on track and spear-heading a fantastic season at Yorkshire.
To me there seems to be a genuine belief that the leg-spinner has a role to play despite the fact that they are acknowledged to go for runs early on in their careers. Rashid has been quoted as saying that the advice from Gillespie has been...
‘He has told me to just let the ball rip out of my hand and to not worry about going for runs'.
 Hopefully, this season heralds a new beginning for Adil Rashid and he continues in the vein of the last two years. With various people saying that he is of the calibre to once again pull on an England shirt, we may get to see him on the bigger stage in the coming years?